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If you read my blog post yesterday, then this is the video I was talking about that kind of put me in the dumps for a second. And if you saw this blog post back in May, this is what it was all about. Let me start by saying it was such an honor last May when Tamron approached me about helping them make a “how-to” video on pet photography. They wanted me to offer up some tips to others on capturing pets in a natural light environment. At first, I admit I freaked out and wanted to say no. I’m no expert, I’m not a good teacher, and I’m an awful public speaker/not good on camera. I’m totally self taught and do things basically the only way I know how to do them, so I didn’t feel like I have any epic tips or tricks to share. But, I didn’t want to say no just because I’m a wimp, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and agreed to do it.

I didn’t want to bring all of these crazy outside distractions to an actual client session, so I set up the second best thing. Amy Fabri who helps run the Lowcountry Lab Rescue volunteered for me to use her chocolate lab Rio, her parents yellow lab Henry, and her cat Minerva, as well as her parents beautiful home on James Island. I had never met Henry, Rio, or Minerva, nor been to this home, so it literally felt like any other client session, just with a little added pressure from the microphone and cameras all up in my space.

We had a great time working with the guys from Tamron, and Amy was the for being so accommodating and even taking her morning off of work to be there. She was like a stand in mom when I was doing the sit-down interview portion and offered good feedback and support so that was pretty awesome. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the video came out, despite the fact that I look and sound like a big goon for the vast majority of it. I think it’s pretty fun :)

In regards to the comments, I understand that my style and taste is not for everyone, and that photography is a very subjective thing…like any type of art. Obviously some of those comments kind of made me sad, but that’s just the nature of being an artist, per se, and you can’t please everyone. You are all entitled to your own opinions. Are these some of my best images? Nope, sure aren’t. But I’m happy with what I did with two very active dogs, working in bright mid-day light, with one light dog and one dark dog. Blown out skies are consistent throughout my portfolio and style. Exposing for subject with a wide aperture blows out the skies and creates this clean, fresh look to my images that I, and my clients, love. Yes it’s challenging to shoot wide open with a moving dog, so maybe I should have prefaced that portion of the video by noting that it’s best to start learning action shots at a aperture more like 5.6 and then work your way down, butttttt I was nervous and I didn’t, so my B. I most often shoot moving images closer to 3.2 or 4 just to be safe, so it was kind of stupid I didn’t say that. However, those running and pool jumping shots were indeed shot at 2.8 because I was nervous and didn’t think to change it. But, I kind of have to laugh because although I shoot “wide open” a lot for portraits – I actually don’t have very fancy pants lenses and most often use my 1.8, 2, and 2.8 lenses, whereas others may be most comfortable sticking their aperture at 1.4 or 1.2 for the entirety of a session. So I wouldn’t call myself a “wide open extremist” haha. Anyways, I hope if nothing else, people were able to learn something about working with the dogs, even if they didn’t learn anything technically :) It’s kind of neat to see it all come together, and I’m really appreciative that Tamron asked me to work with them.

The video is embedded below, but if it doesn’t show up, you can view it here.

12 Comments Sweet As Tea

  1. Carly Jordan says:

    Great video B! :) Your work is flawless!

  2. Bobbi says:

    I love this video, love your photography and you please every single client that works with you and loves you-and that’s quite a few :)

  3. Anna K. says:

    Britt this is amazing!!! You should be so proud! I would have been terrified to have a camera crew follow me around on a session and you rocked it out! An the interview portion, you were great! I loved all of your advice, sometimes it is difficult for me to work with animals when they bring them to their sessions and this was full of helpful info!

  4. This video is awesome and the photos are gorgeous! Who cares what those comments think. They’re probably old traditional photographers who use fill flash and add textures over their photos. Ick. Your photos are gorgeous!

    PS – My dogs went crazy when I played the video because of the squeaker!

  5. Brittany says:

    Love this. Ignore the haters. They are probably upset that they are sitting at their desks and jealous that they aren’t doing what they love. You are…and you are awesome at. xoxoxo

  6. You did a wonderful job! I think those images are fabulous. Totally captured their personalities.

  7. alexa says:

    The photos from the session turned out GORGEOUS. I love the one black and white portrait. And the kitty shots! Beautiful.

    I think those naysayers are those old photogs who think EVERYTHING should be in focus and perfectly exposed. Which, simply isn’t possible when it comes to natural light photography (and I think your blown out skies are beautiful!) and who wants everything in focus anyway? Not me! :) Haha. But that being said those photos ARE sharp. And you totally rocked it!

    Big congrats!! That is so awesome and amazing! :)

  8. Mica says:

    Great job!! Wonderful images and you expanded your horizons by getting out of your comfort zone. Well done!

  9. Lena says:

    Absolutely love this! You can tell you love what you do and it definitely shows!

  10. Al Cano says:

    Wow! Excellent video. Great photo shots. In reference to Rio, I hope he gets better. Al

  11. Renee says:

    This is a wonderful video! You should never have to defend your images. It’s a wonderful piece and a career accomplishment to film something like this, in my opinion! Those who openly criticize others are usually unhappy with themselves or their own lack of talent. Keep rocking!

  12. Katie Brewer says:

    OMG Brittani, you are so cute! I love this. It’s my first time being able to sit down and watch it with sound!!! This video is amazing, how fun!!! xoxo

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