September Goals

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See, I told you guys things were going to be slow around these parts here lately. I feel like a ping pong ball bounced back and forth between the pending wedding (EIGHT DAYS!!), work, home, family, and life. It’s really hard to figure out what to prioritize but I can safely say that blogging has not been one of them. I really look forward to getting back to my normal routine though, and I have SO many great things to blog about after the wedding :)

So now that August has come and gone, it’s time to see how I did with my goals and set a few new ones…

For business goals in August, I…
- Tackled an article for a digital photographers magazine – Can’t wait until this comes out!
- Had a great time shooting at the BorroWED Trunk Show
- Put together goody bags for the BorroWED Trunk Show attendees
- Designed and ordered pet postcards
- Write and send an August newsletter - Nope, not so much. At least I conquered 4/5 goals!

For personal goals in August, I…
- Had an AMAZING time with our entire wedding party in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC for our bachelor/bachelorette weekend! – So many amazing memories were made and I’m so thankful so many of our wedding party members made new friends with one another. We have the best wedding party EVER!
- Continue to ride, run, swim as much as possible. Sweat every day. - Hardly rode at all :( Ran a handful of times. Probably did sweat every day cleaning stalls/doing barn chores, though.
- Seriously did some work on my wedding to do list – So close to wrapping up all our projects!
- Write my latest ALW bride blogger post - I think I did this? See what I mean about being a ping pong ball with my head in 100 different places. I can’t even remember anything!

Here’s a glimpse at what August looked like in Instagrams :)

And this month…

For business goals in September, I’d like to:
- Send out some goodies to my fall clients :)
- Shoot my handful of portrait sessions and one wedding well and have FUN!
- Continue adding past galleries to my new SmugMug account
- Calibrate my monitor

For personal goals in September, I’d like to:
- ENJOY our wedding, all of our friends and family, and the amazing occasion :)
- ENJOY and RELAX on our mini honeymoon! (We’re going to Florida for a few days then doing something bigger next year once life slows down)
- Don’t work on our mini honeymoon. This will be a challenge for sure!

I know those lists are pretty short, but this is a BIG month and I just can’t bury myself in goals. October, November, and December will be big months for other reasons :)

One Comment Sweet As Tea

  1. NancyPearson says:

    I sat with you today at Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehab. I very much enjoyed it. Could you please e-mail me when the pics are posted.

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