Roy, Amanda, Dyna, and Wiley

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Amanda is cousins with one of my best friends, so I’ve known her and her husband Roy for a few years now. It’s been really exciting to see them expand their little furfamily…first was Dyna, then they adopted Wiley. They’ve also got a few other feline furbabies at home too :) We met Sunday evening at the hay field Amanda’s dad farms and everything was just perfect. I kind of died (of happiness of course!) a little inside when I showed up and saw their awesome outfits and how photogenic the dogs were. The last time I saw Dyna, she was just a puppy, and Wiley is basically a giant baby with the best doggy smile. He was OBSESSED with the blue ball I brought :) The dogs were awesome, Amanda and Roy were so laid back and fun, and Roy’s mom even came along to help with the dogs which was so helpful.  Love this fam!
This is Dyna…

…and this is Wiley. See what I mean? Happy dogs :)

2 Comments Sweet As Tea

  1. Linda Willson says:

    SO great! Amanda is one of my favorite nieces and these pictures really express her beauty! Another great job, Britt!

  2. Love this shoot from top to bottom, Britt! :)

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