Rachel & Tim

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Working with Rachel and Tim at sunrise this past Sunday morning was incredibly effortless. As I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from the images, they are warm, funny people with such an easy-going relationship that it’s really hard not to enjoy yourself in their company. We started the session at the beach and their awesome friend Alex was even kind enough to bring beautiful miss Bella out for a few shots. Obviously Bella does a little modeling on the side because she was one of the easiest dogs I’ve EVER had join an engagement session. After taking some shots with their sweet Save the Date Steelers jerseys, we headed downtown to class it up a bit :) I’m pretty in love with so many of these images but even more in love with the fact that Rachel and Tim were up for whatever I asked them to do and it was so easy to hang out with them all morning. Enjoy some of my favorites!
Holy gorgeousness Rachel!

I loooove how obvious it is that Tim makes Rachel a very happy girl :)

2 Comments Sweet As Tea

  1. Kelly Sauer says:

    I always love seeing how perfectly your clients fit you! This session is adorable!

  2. Such a sweet couple! I agree with Kelly in the comment above, the perfect couple for you and your brand! I love their custom jerseys too :)

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