October Goals

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Well, September was here and gone in a flash, just like I expected it would be. September was a big month personally, but now that October is here, it’s time to get re-focused from my mini-break for our wedding and tighten up on work. Here’s the run down of how my September goals went…

For business goals in September, I…
- Send out some goodies to my fall clients – Done and done! I love sending gifts :)
- Shoot my handful of portrait sessions and one wedding well and have FUN! – Check.
- Continue adding past galleries to my new SmugMug account – Never had time to get to the library (my wireless card is too slow at the house!)
- Calibrate my monitor – DONE as of this morning! Woohoo!

For personal goals in September, I’d like to:
- ENJOY our wedding, all of our friends and family, and the amazing occasion :) – We had such a wonderful wedding, I love re-living it through our images!
- ENJOY and RELAX on our mini honeymoon! - Definitely DONE! We had such an amazing little trip to Florida and I really want to go back to just relaxing and having no agenda!
- Don’t work on our mini honeymoon. This will be a challenge for sure! – This was HARD. I hate feeling unproductive and like I’m not accomplishing anything each day, but I know a break from work is healthy. I answered some emails, but otherwise didn’t work. So I think that’s counted as a success.

Here was September in Instagrams…

And for a brand new month…

For business goals in October, I’d like to:
- Shoot all of my portrait sessions and weddings well!
- Make my publication chart and keep up with it
- Continue adding past galleries to my new SmugMug account
- Continue to fill in my blogging calendar and brainstorm blog content weekly
- Update my website and galleries
- Work on determining a daily office schedule
- Pre-blog as much as possible

For personal goals in October, I’d like to:
- Really nail down a menu on Sunday of each week so that I’m not wasting office hours Monday morning trying to figure out what to cook for the week
- Order our wedding thank you cards
- Re-organize our house, which is still in a state of disarray from the wedding and our gifts
- Ride at least once a week
- Steam clean our carpet (again!) since Lexi threw up chicken manure she apparently ate ALL over our living room carpet. It’s so stained!

Catch ya in a month!

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