My Fourth Roll

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When I started my adventures with film, I had no idea what I was doing. Flash forward four rolls and I still have no idea what I’m doing. I’m really just winging it. When people ask where I get my film developed and I say CVS…I get SO many “Ughhhh…really?!” responses. I know, I am totally doing my film a disservice. I told myself I’d do that just while I got the hang of things, but everyone has said it doesn’t matter – the processing is awful and I should definitely send it off. Richard Photo Lab is the go-to company for film development, it seems, but I was afraid of the expense. I should really just suck it up, because I’m almost paying $20 as it is at CVS, so why not pay just a bit more for someone who knows what they are doing. If my film comes back from there crappy, I’ll know it’s not the processing – it’s me. Haha! I just feel so “blah” about these :-/

Here are some of my favorites from my fourth roll, but I really think for my 5th roll I’m going to take the dive and send it off. I’m so jealous of people who have actual camera stores they can take their film to. Since I live 45 mins to an hour from any big town, I’m out of luck for anything super local. I’d love to know, though – where do you get your film developed if you’re sending it away and not getting it done at a brick and mortar store? I’m dying for some alternatives to CVS and want to see what else is out there that’s comparable to RPL.

2 Comments Sweet As Tea

  1. I love your film photos! As you noticed in my post today, you’ve absolutely inspired me!

  2. Grandpa says:

    It ,s always a pleasure to view your work

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