Rustic Maryland Farm Wedding: Maile & Archie

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Maile and Archie’s wedding took place at Avenmar in Leonardtown, Md. this past September during a week of absolutely insane weather. If an earthquake and hurricane weren’t enough in the weeks prior, Mother Nature sure gave Maryland about all it could handle in that week before Maile and Archie were set to tie the knot in an outdoor ceremony. There was never-ending downpours, devastating flooding, mudslides, sinkholes…Maryland was literally falling apart at the seams.

But then something happened…Friday evening, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and it didn’t leave :) And I think many of us took a big deep breath and said our thanks.

Maile and Archie were married 9.10.11 on one of the most gorgeous days Maryland had seen in what felt like forever. I think it the local news actually noted at the beginning of October that it was only sunny one day in September. 9.10.11 must have been it.

Maile made an absolutely stunning bride, and her handsome groom Archie didn’t disappoint. Surrounded by their very closest friends and family, the two committed themselves to one another for the rest of their lives. The beautiful and reception to follow was full of tears, laughter, jokes, but most of all…the air was thick with the love and passion these two clearly share for one another.


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