Lowcountry Lab Rescue: Chase

Categories: Pets, Volunteer.

Meet Chase! Chase is a handsome 13 year old lab that is available through the Lowcountry Lab Rescue. He and his friend Mason, also 13, were turned in due to “old age.” You’re kidding me, right?! What kind of person does that. It’s probably safe to say that it’s best that Chase and Mason are in the care of LLR and it’s fosters now because whoever had them previously obviously did not care enough about him to give him love through the rest of his years.

Despite being 13, Chase is a happy guy with lots of love to give. He’s gentle, has the kindest eyes and the best smile, and loves to go for walks and strut his stuff. Oh and he LOVES tennis balls! :)

If you’re interested in giving Chase the love and kindness he deserves, you can find out more about the application process by visiting the Lowcountry Lab Rescue website.

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