Lindsey & Chris’s KISS Luxury Leather Wedding Album

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A few weeks ago I showed you my new favorite product, the KISS Luxury Leather Album. I decided to offer this album going forward because I wanted a more high-end and luxurious way for wedding clients to display their most valued images. I showed you my pretty new brown sample KISS, but I didn’t quite get into focusing on the interior pages of the album or details on album design because I wanted to save that for a post of it’s own.

So today I’m super excited to be showing you another beautiful KISS album, this time, in probably my second favorite color…this amazing blue! Lindsey and Chris’s wedding collection included an album, and keeping in line with how I design all albums and coffee table books, I focused on maintaining a clean layout with lots of white, emphasis on the photos, and I simply let the images tell the story of the day on their own. I take this very specific approach because the bottom line is that I don’t want to detract from your story. Colors, borders, elaborate graphics or designs are the easiest way to do one of two things: 1. date your album and make it seem trendy, or 2. take away from the meaning and emotion within the images. Either of these things are big no no’s because your wedding album is one particular album that you will look at for the next thirty, forty, fifty years and eventually pass on to children and grandchildren.

So, without further ado, Lindsey and Chris’s gorgeous blue KISS! Below are a few of my favorite spreads (courtesy of my handsome fiance), and at the bottom of the post you can find a slideshow of the entire album design. I’ll be popping this bad boy in the mail tomorrow and sending it on it’s wonderful journey north to it’s rightful owners in Maryland! Can’t wait for them to get it!

To see Lindsey and Chris’s entire album, click here.

2 Comments Sweet As Tea

  1. Blaize Bailey says:

    Wow B!!! This is seriously so amazing, you have gone above and beyond!!! So classy and so beautifully simple.

  2. Emilee says:

    I love KISS! Right now I’m only using their Little Kisses, but am going to switch my large album options to KISS soon, too. And the SWAT design tool is amazing! This album is gorgeous–I love the color. :)

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