July Goals

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Inspired by my friend Alexandra over at Heart Love Weddings, I decided I should do a monthly goals post. It’s kind of ridiculous but my goal totally flopped last month when I never did a June goals post, but I told myself I would make it happen for July. I’m going to keep it short and sweet because I feel like the more carried away I get with it, the more overwhelming and impossible a goals list can become.

So for business goals in July, I’d like to:
- Have fun and do a great job shooting my two weddings and handful of portrait sessions this month.
- Stick to my blogging calendar and continue to fill in my August blogging calendar
- Write and send my July newsletter
-  Design and send my pet postcards to print
- Update my Client Guide Magazine
- Do any “homework” necessary after the J&M Lighting Intensive
- Photograph the dogs at Charlie’s Angels Rescue
- Submit Archie and Maile’s wedding to blog publication
- Have a review day at the end of the month to review my earnings and losses for the month, what small goals I need to be meeting each month to accomplish my yearly goals, and to review my successes and mistakes to improve the next month

For personal goals in July, I’d like to:
- Have a weekly workout schedule and stick to it – includes riding
- Go through Landon’s toys and donate the ones he never touches
- Go through my boxes of things I’ve brought back home from Maryland each time and organize and store it all properly – donate anything I’m not currently using
- Shampoo all of the carpet in our house
- Tackle 1 wedding project a week and cross something off my wedding to do list once a week
- Keep up with all the grass on the farm
- Read The Most Important Year in a Man’s Life & The Most Important Year in a Woman’s Life and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
- Drink two glasses of water a day
- Eat less Oreos. Just kidding…that’s not going to happen.

Since this is my first month really writing down and putting my goals out there, I’m a little nervous that I’ve overdone it for myself especially since by the time I return from Md. the month will almost be half over already! I will definitely be printing out this blog post and putting it on my dry erase board so that I can SEE everything I wanted to accomplish this month. I guess we’ll see how things go once August gets here.

And just for fun, here’s some of my June in Instagrams :) Happy July!

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