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It wasn’t that long ago that I was having big problems with my mom’s N90s and had forfeited the film thing for a while. Basically right afterwards, a friend alerted me to an amazing deal on a barely been used N90s and of course I had to jump on it. The new N90s is SO much better (well, it actually works, so I’d say that’s a big improvement), and this go around I ordered some Fuji Pro 400-H film to try something different from the Kodak Portra 400 I had shot my first two rolls on. I think it’s safe to say I’ve found my film soul mate with the Fuji…I really love it :) Now I’m ready to get back out now that there’s COLOR outside and see how amazing the Fuji tones are with some greens and blues and SPRING colors!

I still need to get a meter (not happening in the immediate future though), and still need to try processing with a legit lab, but I’m excited about the progress I’m making and can’t wait to try throwing some film in during an actual engagement session because I’m DYING to shoot some people film photography. Riley and Lexi are great models, sure, but I really wan’t to give it a shot at the end of a real session soon. The intimate look of film just makes you melt, agreed? :)

I also need to figure out how to adjust the focus point and all that, because it’s getting kind of old just using a center focus point haha

I have no idea why this next image of Landon is so warm…I guess this is where a better lab makes a difference in consistency.
 …and I’ll leave you with my new all-time film fav. of my boy :)

2 Comments Sweet As Tea

  1. Ashley says:

    Are you processing and just getting the photo’s on CD or are you printing and scanning? I used to LOVE my darkroom time. Playing with an englarger to get the most out of a photo was always so much more fun that photoshop to me. Those photo’s look wonderful, and you’re right, something about film is very special. Digital is wonderful, but nothing is quite like a good film photo. Great job :)

  2. Abby Grace says:

    Gaaah. I’ve been DYING to get my hands on a newer Canon film body to use with my L-series lenses, but I can’t find one for under $200 and I think the hubs would have an issue with me throwing that much money onto something I MIGHT like. Then again, I started on film, so maybe it’s not such a gamble… either way, these are awesome!

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