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Paige & Hadley

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I was browsing Pinterest one evening when I saw this picture that really resonated with me. It was a mom holding her daughter in close and she had this awesome hat on, but you couldn’t see her face. Of course I immediately took a picture of it with my phone and texted it to Paige telling her it made me think of her and Hadley. Paige is obsessed with hats, especially bowler hats, and Hadley has picked up on that love too :) So when Paige suggested we re-create it in our own way, I was super excited. She had Sarah of 428 Main Vintage Rentals make these great black tulle skirts, and we did a quick mini shoot in Paige’s front yard. I love what we got and think it feels totally just like the two of them, which is just what we were going for. Enjoy!


Tent & Roxanne on Film

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A few weeks ago I shared some portraits I did for my friend Roxanne, and I mentioned that I shot two rolls of film that afternoon as well. I finally got the film back and I’m excited to share some of my favorites! All of these were made with an old Nikon N90s and Fuji 400H & Kodak Portra 400 film. They are a little softer than I typically prefer, but it was a great learning experience and I’m grateful that Roxanne and Trent were so patient with me. It was fun playing around and I’m glad I did, but I’m definitely no “film photographer.” I will continue to shoot it for personal enjoyment and for friends whenever the opportunity arises. Enjoy a handful of my favorite shots :)


The Kinner Family

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Another year, another awesome hour and a half with the Kinner family. In 2011, I photographed Eryka, John, and their three dogs. Last year, the kids joined in and Eryka and John were anxiously awaiting their first child together, baby Kai. This year, Kai is nearly a year old, Logan and Dylan are another year “wiser” and funnier, and I’m more grateful than ever that this crew keeps coming back. I don’t photograph families, but because Eryka and John appreciate the experience and truly CARE about their family memories, they are some of my favorite clients of all time. This year we met at one of my favorite locations, soaked in the sun, dealt with a little bit of some crazy wind, played in the leaves, and pretty much had a jolly ole’ time. By the end you’ll see why I love these people so much and enjoy hanging out with them yearly :)

Logan secretly not-so-secretly loves having his picture taken, and Dylan is the funniest most free-spirited girl ever. I freaking adore them both.

And this little Kai monster? Absolutely delicious. What’s not to love about this squishy little human being?

Kai: “Nom. Leaves.”

Check out those zombie faces on the right. Even Kai got in on the action :)


Trent, Roxanne, and Jude

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Some of my couples might recognize Roxanne from this year. She’s my friend/fellow photographer/go-to second shooter and I think she’s awesome :) Back in August, she and her husband Trent welcome baby Jude into the picture and seeing Roxanne take on motherhood so well has been really inspiring. She’s an amazingly talented photographer and I can’t imagine running a business from home and being a mom, so I admire her a lot.

Even though I do not photograph families, I really wanted to take some pictures of her new little family around our farm because I know as a photographer, the opportunity to get on the other side of the camera like a real client is rare non-existant. It was a little chilly so Jude was really laying on the stink eye, but that’s okay because I loved it :) Roxanne and Trent were kind enough to be patient with me while I shot a few rolls of film, too, which I really appreciated because I was pretty out of my comfort zone! I did bring my digital camera along, so while we wait for the film to come back, I figured I’d share some of my favorites from their session. Enjoy!


Aura & Jeremiah

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When Aura emailed me and she was looking for someone to photograph she and her husband and their two furbabies on their anniversary trip to Charleston, I was all in. She told me a little about the dogs and we decided Boone Hall would be a perfect spot to explore and sight-see. Well, we sure did make some memories! Turns out Aura knows her dogs super well…Hemi loves the water, and Sophie loves squirrels. Both dogs wasted no opportunity to show me exactly what Aura meant. Despite the detours we ended up taking, I love what we came away with :) These four and their little family are so fun and I really enjoyed getting to know them for a few hours last week. Enjoy my favorites!

Here’s Hemi after he went for his “adventure.”