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Becca and Russell’s Proposal, Part One

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I am soooo excited to share these images today! Being a part of such a huge event in someone’s life is seriously one of the biggest honors. Russell’s proposal to Becca was perfect and it is probably the most happy tear-inducing thing I’ve ever been a part of. Every once in a while I shed a few tears at a wedding, but this was just so different. The hours leading up to this were so fun and full of so much wonder and anticipation that it makes it so unique. I’m so grateful that Becca’s sister, Roxanne, a good friend and fellow photographer, asked me to photograph this while she did video. Roxanne and Russell worked SO hard to make this special for Becca…it really is setting the standard crazy high for all guys out there!

Since this was such a special event, I’ve broken it up into two different posts. You’ll have to come back Monday to see the rest! And if you want to see Roxanne’s amazing video (you CANNOT miss it!), you can do so here. Prepare to shed a few tears…Roxanne did a phenomenal job filming this and seeing all together in movement is unreal. Can you imagine how amazing it will be to have something like that for Becca and Russell to show their kids one day? Ahh! I love it!

Visit the blog on Monday to see the rest of Becca and Russell’s amazing engagement evening. In the meantime, view Roxanne’s video here.


Bonnie & Jesse

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To say I am excited to spend more time with Bonnie and Jesse on their wedding day would be a huge understatement. We got to meet this weekend at Oldfield Club, just outside of Bluffton, South Carolina. They will be getting married at Oldfield in September and I’m so excited they chose me to be a part of their wedding festivities. They are clearly a beautiful couple with amazing style, and better yet, Bonnie is also from Maryland, they are obsessed with their furkids Zoey and Ollie, and they are planning the kind of celebration that makes my heart sing…at one of my favorite venues in the Lowcountry! So exciting!


Haleigh & Brandon

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After two previously rained out attempts to make their engagement session happen while in town over the holiday, I finally got to spend the afternoon with Haleigh and Brandon and it was so worth the wait. These two are just as fun-loving, playful, and easy-going as they look in their pictures. And with good looks, style, and success to boot :) If you love music, you can check out Brandon’s band, The Moth & the Flame. They just got done touring through Europe with Imagine Dragons, and you follow along with all kinds of sports goodness from Haleigh the Fabletics Master on her blog Jewels & Jerseys. Obviously, they are two pretty awesome people and such a beautiful fit for one another. We had a great time exploring this Christmas tree farm outside of Columbia, South Carolina despite the windy temps in the 30′s. They were total troopers and as usual, I left that evening with two new friends. I am so excited for their wedding this April and know they are going to make the most gorgeous bride and groom :)


Holly & Adam

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This weekend was pretty much a family affair…from shooting my best friend’s engagement session, to my favorite family ever, to my friend from middle school’s wedding, I basically got to spend time with everyone from all different parts of my life. Holly and her fiance, Adam, are no exception, because Holly is actually my cousin. We don’t really know how far back we are linked, but somewhere along the way we are, and we both share the ever-so-popular Bowling family name :) Getting to catch up was so nice and I’m super excited to get to see the rest of her family next fall.

Since I won’t be back until nearly summertime and Holly and Adam needed a few photos for their Save the Date’s, they met me on Friday afternoon to stroll around my moms farm for a bit. Mid-day light is becoming my new favorite challenge because although it kept us away from a few spots, it made the boring ole woods look magical. Plus once you had their great choice of outfits and colors, and their awesome good looks, it was all perfect. Here are a few of my favorites until you see these two back on the blog in late June! :)


Bobbi & Lee

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Finding the words for this post will be no easy task because these two are so special to Dustin and I. Lee’s family grew up on the same creek as my family, so our families have always been friends and spent time together over the years. When Bobbi came into Lee’s life (around the same time Dustin and I started dating), crazily enough it was about a year into their relationship before we ever met. I had kind of figured we’d hit it off just fine, but since I was in college and traveling to see Dustin all the time, it took forever for our paths to cross. Then she asked me to take some pictures of her and her sister as a Christmas present for their mom, and the rest, as they say, is history. Ever since then we’ve been best friends, basically soul-sisters, and Bobbi was a bridesmaid in Dustin and I’s wedding. I (or we, if Dustin is with me), always try to spend time with them when we’re back in Maryland, and there’s never, ever a dull moment when Bobbi and I are together.

I could not possibly be more excited/flattered/honored/overwhelmed with gratitude that Bobbi and Lee asked me to not only document their engagement period, but their wedding too. When my best friends get married, we have a good time, and I can’t wait to be both the one who documents the amazingness of their day, as well as a guest, next May. Bobbi, Lee, their basset hound Elvis, and I had an awesome time hanging out at Running Hare Vineyard last Friday afternoon, and if you can’t tell…these two love to laugh and goof off together :) Enjoy a few of my favs!