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This session goes back to September in Maryland, but it’s one of my favorites and Carlos is practically my doggy nephew so I thought it would make a perfect Friday post :) While I was home visiting Maryland to shoot Maile and Archie’s wedding, I snuck in a session for one of my best friends who recently adopted an adorable pug mix puppy. Meet Carlos!

Lena had quite the wait for this puppy, but it was well worth it. It seems like there’s a lot of hoops to jump through these days when you’re adopting a dog, but it’s always for the right reasons. Carlos actually came up the road from South Carolina (no wonder I love him so much!), but he seems to be fitting perfectly into his new Maryland digs. We took advantage of the gorgeous warm sunset on Sunday evening and explored the farm, letting Carlos do his thang…which happened to involve a lot of tripping, falling, and face plants. But isn’t he CUTE?!

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