Why I Love Engagement Sessions

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I’m getting ready for a busy weekend of engagement sessions in Maryland, so I thought it would be the perfect time to explain why I love engagement sessions so much. I encourage all of my clients to invest in an engagement session for these very reasons below, however I know that everyone is different so engagement sessions can always be swapped for bridals or a day after session. I definitely think that the engagement session directly affects wedding day pictures, though, so I’m a zillion thumbs up for them at all times :) Here’s why:

We get to meet and hang out before the big day!
I believe in developing friendships with my clients because I definitely think that trust and quality portraits go hand in hand. I don’t want to show up on the day of the wedding and just be “the photographer.” I love being “Britt, our awesome photographer” when my clients introduce me to their wedding party and family. Because we had a whole evening to hang out and get to know one another, we’re friends. And that directly affects how comfortable, relaxed, and real your wedding day pictures are. We can laugh and joke and have a good time and understand one another. That is awesome and makes working together SO much more fun!

You learn to trust me.
Trusting your photographer will be an entire post in and of itself, but trust on the wedding day is HUGE. As clients, your job isn’t to understand lighting and posing and this and that. That’s my job. So the engagement session is basically a practice run for the wedding day that helps you trust in me and my judgement on the big day. There may be things you’re totally thrown off about during your engagement session. “What?! Direct light isn’t best?!” Nope, sure isn’t! And then when you see your engagement session images with the light behind you or in open shade, you’ll totally get why. That way we aren’t wasting precious time on your wedding day discussing these things. I’ll put you in the best lighting situations and pose you in relaxed and comfortable ways and let you interact naturally from there and you’ll never second guess me, because you’ve seen what kind of images those situations produce.

You’ll feel like you’ve had “practice” for your wedding day!
Like I mentioned above, your engagement session is like a practice run for the wedding day. You know exactly the kinds of poses I go for and the way I want you to feel toward and look at one another. You already know that I’m going to tell you to focus on one another and ignore me. I already know if there are poses you don’t prefer or don’t feel are flattering. You are confident. You are relaxed. You feel yourself. You are in the moment. You feel the gravity of the day. Who doesn’t want to feel that way on one of the most special days in their life? And we don’t have to waste time figuring all these things out on a day where the timeline is important and every second is precious.

You get awesome casual portraits that make you feel amazing.
This is kind of a “duh” but these pictures are awesome for displaying in your home in a much more casual manner than your actual wedding day pictures. These images have an “every day” lifestyle feel to them and are also perfect for things like Christmas cards, Save the Date’s, Thank You cards, a guest book at the reception, or for displaying in a fun and personalized way at the reception. Who doesn’t want more pictures feeling amazing and in love, anyways?

You look forward to working with me on your wedding day because we had fun!
I’ve had clients tell me their engagement session made them feel like the wedding is really happening. Grooms who previously dreaded pictures are now excited for me to show up on their wedding day. They know I’m laid-back and I go with the flow. I joke, we laugh, and I encourage you to love on one another at all times.  Now you both know I’m not telling you to smile all day long or “LOOK HERE!” That’s definitely not how I roll and now that we’ve had a chance to work together, you both get that. Especially your groom, who was mad you were dragging him to get “pictures” done. ;)

You leave more in love than when you came…
Ultimately, this is always my goal. This is what I want at the end of the session. I want you to leave more in love than when you got there. You just had an hour and a half to focus on nothing but the person you’re getting ready to commit your life to. You cuddled, kissed, and felt AMAZINGLY good looking and like models. So you leave on a bit of a “love high” (cheesy? Maybe). Go enjoy the rest of your evening and soak in that feeling! Make a date night out of it!

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  1. Grandpa says:

    As always, very sensitive to what if going on.

  2. I love engagement sessions for all the reasons you mentioned above and more. Engagement photos are so much more than they ever used to be. They’re photos that you can use for all sorts of things and share to your hearts content. And I just love the idea of a completely stress free day with your photographer, getting to know each other, and having the most amazing photos to keep in the end! You are on fire with your blogging right now, Britt! BRAVO!!! xoxoxo

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