August Goals

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Holy cow, is it seriously August already? I know I keep saying how I can’t get over how quickly 2012 is flying, but honestly I think it mostly has to do with the fact that I’m getting MARRIED in almost just six weeks! Que freakout mode. WHOA. I am hoping and praying that these next six weeks go by slowly and peacefully, because I seriously have SO much to do and it’s really getting stressful at this point!

Getting back on track here though, since it’s the second day of August, it’s time to check in on how I did for my first month of monthly goals. July went by in a flash and I was a little nervous about how many goals I listed out to accomplish that month. Maybe in August I won’t be so overzealous! Here’s how things look…

For business goals in July, I…
- Have fun and do a great job shooting my two weddings and handful of portrait sessions this month – check! Kelly and Jesse’s wedding was one of the most beautiful DIY weddings ever, Michelle’s senior portraits are a new fav, I had a blast with Kathy and Matt shooting at a waterfall (!!), and Nicole and Michael’s Wisconsin wedding was one for the books :)
- Stick to my blogging calendar and continue to fill in my August blogging calendar – I have always kept a blogging calendar, but in July I was way more diligent about sticking to it and even filled in about half of August as I got new ideas. Now I just need to keep up with this monthly and not think of it as a goal, but rather just another part of office admin.
- Write and send my July newsletter – Uhhh nope. Didn’t do this :-/
- Design and send my pet postcards to print – Nor did I do this :-/ August?
- Update my Client Guide Magazine – Done!
- Do any “homework” necessary after the J&M Lighting Intensive – Whoa, the J&M Lighting Intensive was awesome! I have a wish list of equipment but for now I am reviewing my notes before each wedding and session and already feel an improvement :)
- Photograph the dogs at Charlie’s Angels Rescue - Done! See the adorable dogs (and puppies!) here.
- Submit Archie and Maile’s wedding to blog publication – Eventually?
- Have a review day at the end of the month to review my earnings and losses for the month, what small goals I need to be meeting each month to accomplish my yearly goals, and to review my successes and mistakes to improve the next month – Did this right before I left for Wisconsin last week :)

For personal goals in July, I…
- Have a weekly workout schedule and stick to it (includes riding) – I stuck to it for a week but then life got chaotic. I did ride several times though! :)
- Go through Landon’s toys and donate the ones he never touches – Nope didn’t get to this, another task for another day…
- Go through my boxes of things I’ve brought back home from Maryland each time and organize and store it all properly – donate anything I’m not currently using – YES! Did this and FINALLY got those boxes out of my living room and donated a ton of stuff! The feeling of having everything organized is the BEST!
- Shampoo all of the carpet in our house – Did this too! New favorite thing! Incredibly therapeutic to see how much dirt comes out of your carpet haha and how clean it now is!
- Tackle 1 wedding project a week and cross something off my wedding to do list once a week – Uhhhh…sorta did this? But not really. I feel like by *thinking* about everything I need to do, I am doing something, but I actually am not. August is crunch time.
- Keep up with all the grass on the farm – Yup! Even got a sweet cut on my face, ear, and back from a rogue tree branch to prove it :)
- Read The Most Important Year in a Man’s Life & The Most Important Year in a Woman’s Life and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time – Done!
- Drink two glasses of water a day – Meh…I did this probably 3-4 days out of the week
- Eat less Oreos. Just kidding…that’s not going to happen – Already knew this wasn’t going to happen :)

So overall, not too shabby. Here’s how July looked in Instagrams :)And for August? Let’s see…

For business goals in August, I’d like to:
- Tackle an article for a digital photographers magazine that needs to be written
- Have a great time shooting at the BorroWED Trunk Show
- Put together goody bags for the BorroWED Trunk Show attendees
- Design pet postcards
- Write and send an August newsletter

For personal goals in August, I’d like to:
- Have an AMAZING time with our entire wedding party in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC next weekend for our bachelor/bachelorette weekend! Can’t wait to celebrate with so many of my favorite people, and I’m so grateful so many are coming from far away to have a fun weekend with us :)
- Continue to ride, run, swim as much as possible. Sweat every day.
- Seriously do some work on my wedding to do list. This is the month to really get everything left to get done. In September we have Landon’s birthday and the actual week in Charleston of the wedding, so I want to be able to enjoy these things AND the fact that Dustin will be moving back home from almost 6 months in Oklahoma at the end of August!!!! YES! :)
- Write my latest ALW bride blogger post
…basically my personal list should just be considered the “wedding” to do list :)

What are your goals for August? Leave a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear if we have any similar goals!

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