Adoptables from Lowcountry Lab Rescue

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What better way to start your Monday than five happy labrador retrievers in need of forever homes? This past Saturday several fosters took time out of their Saturday morning to meet at the James Island Dog Park so that I could photograph these great Lowcountry Lab Rescue dogs. These are all incredible pups of various ages who would each make someone or some family incredibly happy. If you have any room in your home or in your heart, please consider one of these guys. If not, absolutely feel free to share and spread the word. All dogs are located in the Charleston area but can be transported for adoption. For more information or to see other dogs available, visit the LLR website or search Lowcountry Lab Rescue on Facebook. And a big thanks to volunteer Kristen who came out to help coordinate everything!

4 Comments Sweet As Tea

  1. Jen says:

    I love them! Great job!!! These cuties will get adopted in a heart beat…so precious!!


  2. Amy Fabri says:

    Thank you as always for the AMAZING photographs! We appreciate your help trying to help these guys find forever homes!

  3. Jen Goldberg says:

    Awesome Dudley Photo’s

  4. Stop it! Too much cute for one post ;)

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