A Hiatus: 52 Weeks of Riley and Lexi

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One of my goals for 2012 was to keep up with a 52 weeks project, one of my own. It was simple; each week I wanted to take a picture of each of my dogs and compile a book at the end of the year including each image from each week. So then I’d have one picture of them each week for a whole year. I LOVED this project. I have no idea how, but I challenged myself to shoot them differently each week and for 29 weeks I succeeded. You can see some of those updates and images here and here. I was also posting them in an album on my BCP Facebook page.

Well, come the middle of July things started to get crazy. I’d traveled back to Maryland for portrait sessions, weddings, and my own engagement session. At the end of the month I traveled to Wisconsin for a wedding. Come August, I was still working, still shooting, delivering products to clients, oh- and my wedding was right around the corner! Needless to say, each week I became unenthusiastic about picking up my camera unless it was for work. The creative side of my brain as it related to personal work was non-existant. If I wasn’t working or doing things for our wedding, I just wanted to be. I didn’t want more things on my list. So as much as it KILLED me that I’d been so consistent for 29 WEEKS (that’s a long time, and I hate to quit something I’d hung with for more than half the year!), I let the 52 project slip and it just could no longer be a priority. I battled with it – should I stop altogether or just take a break? I honestly still don’t know what that answer is. I know a lot of people enjoyed my weekly pictures, but the point of a personal project is to excite and ignite something inside of you and on top of everything else I’ve had going on since July, it was just one more THING and no longer something fun and exciting. And it continued to be more of a burden than something exciting.

I didn’t want to leave everyone hanging wondering what happened to the project, and no worries, I still have some exciting plans for all of the images I’ve shot thus far in 2012. I’m doing some brainstorming and hoping to do something fun with them for a good cause. But until life slows down and I have the time to dedicate to enjoying the project, it will continue to be on a hiatus. I actually did get out last week and shoot for myself a bit, so here’s one of my favorite shots of my two goobers in the soy bean field behind our house :)

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  2. Well you still have plenty of pictures for a calendar! :) It’d be the most awesome work calendar I’ve ever seen on a photographer’s wall.

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