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Lowcountry Lab Rescue: Chase

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Meet Chase! Chase is a handsome 13 year old lab that is available through the Lowcountry Lab Rescue. He and his friend Mason, also 13, were turned in due to “old age.” You’re kidding me, right?! What kind of person does that. It’s probably safe to say that it’s best that Chase and Mason are in the care of LLR and it’s fosters now because whoever had them previously obviously did not care enough about him to give him love through the rest of his years.

Despite being 13, Chase is a happy guy with lots of love to give. He’s gentle, has the kindest eyes and the best smile, and loves to go for walks and strut his stuff. Oh and he LOVES tennis balls! :)

If you’re interested in giving Chase the love and kindness he deserves, you can find out more about the application process by visiting the Lowcountry Lab Rescue website.


Britt’s Fav’s: Document Your Love Giveaway

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Last week I read a post from Alexandra over at Heart Love Weddings and it made me think. I’m someone who wants to remember all of the little things, because the little things are a key part in making up the bigger picture. I love memories, and it’s sad that over time they fade…which is why I believe in the value of good photographs.

I encourage you to read Alexandra’s post, but the short and long is that she mentions how in the new movie The Vow…the main character Paige loses her memory and her new husband Leo must make her fall in love with him all over again. The next point Alexandra makes is that of course we all hope this never happens to us. It’s a movie. But the truth is that it could happen. So write. Write about your love story. Even if something tragic never happens, how special would it be to have a way to look back years down the road to remember the parts of your journey you may have forgotten about? Or even to pass on to your children one day. Words are powerful, so use them to remember.

I tweeted Alexandra and thanked her for the inspiring post and said I’d get to my journaling ASAP. So I made my happy little way to Etsy, found a super cute little journal, and ordered two. I started journaling about Dustin and I’s story on Friday :)Today I’m giving away the other journal from seller BrownBooks on Etsy. I encourage ANYONE in a serious relationship to consider writing about your love, and if you think this journal would be the perfect place to start, it’s simple to enter:

So if you’d like this adorable 8 x 5 3/4″ hand stamped notebook with a blank front tag…

- Leave a comment by Sunday 3/4 at 6pm telling me how you’ve documented your love up until now and what you’ll most want to remember about your love 10, 15, or 20 years from now
- On the following Monday morning I’ll use the random number generator at to choose a lucky winner based on the order you commented in
- The winner will have 24 hours to contact me with a valid mailing address in the U.S. to redeem their notebook


Puppy Love

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I shared a little teaser on Tuesday, but today I’m sharing a whole bunch of fat, wrinkly, cuddly puppy love :) Meet Sophie! Since I moved to South Carolina last year and took Riley, my brother also moved out last year and took Archie, our senior Golden Retriever passed away last fall, and our cat passed away the first of the year…my mom was feeling the need to fill a major void. She had a total empty nest and although she wished she could clone Riley…well, just not happening right now haha. Enter Sophie.

Soph is mom’s 12 week old English Labrador Retriever puppy and she is SO much like Riley as a puppy…so Mom pretty much got her little clone :) She has a ton of personality and is so intelligent…just like Ry dog. While I was home in Maryland last weekend to spend some time with my family and shop for my wedding dress, I got to spend a lot of time playing with the new furball and getting her acquainted to the camera. She definitely has her own agenda and tons of spunk but I’d say she did pretty well.english labrador retrieverprofessional dog photographersouth carolina pet photographerPuppy on a log? Why not?She wouldn’t be a puppy if she didn’t find random things to chew on, right?
I think she was over the whole “model dog” thing by the time I left :)


Wedding Wednesday: The Big Picture

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Wednesday’s are usually a good day. I start out by tackling the critical business stuff I need to get done, and then I work on wedding stuff…just for a few hours. It’s been so nice to have this time set aside each week to feel like I’m slowly but surely making progress.

Today I had planned to discuss what we’ve accomplished since my last update. Unfortunately I’ve got a dirty house to clean, lots of laundry to catch up on from being out of town, and the farrier coming for the horses. So today it’s going to be short and sweet, and I can’t even think of a picture to include (ahh! so sorry!) but I promise I’ll bring you an update about our caterer, DJ, bridesmaids dresses and…MY DRESS (yay!) soon.

For now, I just want to share what today feels like. Every Wednesday I get butterflies in my stomach…I envision it all in my head and really feel what it all means. It’s so real. I can’t wait for September 15th to be here. I am so thankful for this amazing man in my life, our journey together over the past almost 3 years, and cannot wait until we have a whole day dedicated to celebrating our love and lives together with our closest family and friends. I really can’t wait. The wedding planning process is exhausting…I won’t lie. It’s a lot of work and there’s just so many pieces to the puzzle. I like putting them all together…but really, I would be totally fine if we skipped all the rest and 9.15.12 was just here. It’s not all about the DIY projects and the decor. Or the flowers, cupcakes, and bridesmaids dresses. The most important thing to me is what it’s all really about. It’s about Dustin and I and our families coming together. It’s about our first dance, the First Look, holding his hands and saying our vows, and walking back up that aisle as husband and wife. And love. Lots of love. I can’t wait.


Bliss is…

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…a fat, wrinkly puppy.

yellow lab puppy

More to come this week :)