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With 2012 just around the corner, I’ve been spending a lot of time mulling over my 2012 goals. Last week I went back and reviewed what I did and didn’t accomplish in 2011, and yesterday I talked a little about photographers, creatives, and business women who inspire me to live my own definition of a successful and balanced life.

So my goals for next year are very different from this years. I was still in college when I wrote my 36 in 365 2011 goals, I was SO new at what I was doing and just getting my bearings (still am!), and it was the first 6 months I was free from year-round college. A lot of my goals had to do with doing some of the things I just wanted to do for the heck of it (like seeing Charleston and Savannah), and some goals had a lot to do with my long term vision of my business (like working with Ribbons of Red and attending the MJ 2 Day). This year’s new and improved goals are still very business oriented but with some lifestyle balancing kind of goals thrown in there. I’m trying to keep myself accountable! :) Here we go…36 in 365 2012!

Business Goals

1. Have a home office that inspires and motivates me: I currently have an office for the first time EVER!! But it desperately needs some organizing and shelving and such…going to have to be done bit by bit.
2. Learn to shoot film and actively use it for personal work: From the 2011 list that didn’t quite happen, but I’ve got a camera, will have film after Christmas, and thanks to Emilee Fuss I purchased the FIND guide before it disappeared forever! :)
3. Book and successfully shoot 4-5 weddings of my own
4. Actively second shoot as often as the opportunity arises: Next year learning and experience is far more of a priority than booking my own weddings!
5. Take part in a styled shoot
6. Continue to volunteer for shelters and pets in need
7. Donate portrait photography for a good cause for people: Since I do so much for pets, I’d love to do something similar but for people…maybe portraits for military families or for those who are facing hardship due to the economy and can’t afford a custom portrait session
8. Put money aside all year for WPPI 2013: Plus a little to splurge at the trade show ;)
9. Do a 52 weeks of Riley and Lexi Project: Inspired by Lexi Vornberg
10. Have each wedding I book and shoot of my own featured on a wedding blog
11. Have a pet session featured on a popular pet blog
12.  Upgrade lenses a little: Maybe a 50mm 1.4 is in my future and the f1.8 can take the backseat? Or a 35mm 1.4 and the f2 can warm the bench?
13. Make more local photographer friends: So important to me this year!! SO important!
14. Photograph more horses and cats
15. Photograph a terminally ill pet
16. Work with 20 new clients and make 20 new friends :)
17. Establish a quarterly online newsletter
18. Get a new backup body: Used D700 maybe?
19. Have one “review day” at the end of each month: To review what went on that month that worked and didn’t work, my plans for the coming month, make sure all receipts/records are organized and filed correctly…basically monthly mini check-in’s to keep myself on track
20. Better learn on-camera flash and completely learn off-camera flash
21. Plan a calendar for next year: With a portion of the proceeds going to benefit an organization
22. Finally find a B&W action I like, or develop my own

Lifestyle/Other Goals

23. Come up with a consistent schedule for my weeks and daily plans: ie Barn, breakfast, shower, an hour of admin work (emails, filing, contracts), 2 hours of editing, ordering, or album design, lunch, etc…you get the drift…oh and only check email 3x/day – that’s a big one!
24. Read one book a month
25. Date night out with Dustin once a month
26. Shop for birthdays/Christmas throughout the year: This is mostly because I let the craziness of this fall get away from me and I totally haven’t had time to enjoy Christmas like I thought I would and that sucks :(
27. Ride my horses at least 4 times a month each
28. Work one day every two weeks on wedding stuff: I loooooveeee planning our wedding but there’s always so many more business and home things that need to come first so I feel like it always gets pushed to the back burner. I want to carve out a morning every two weeks that is ONLY for wedding planning.
29. Foster at least 2 labs for the Lowcountry Lab Rescue
30. Be at least 1/3 of the way through renovating the main house on our property: Last spring it was partially burnt in a fire started by faulty wiring in the dishwasher, so when we bought the property it was gutted. We’re basically renovating it from top to bottom and hoping to do a lot of it ourselves. Renovation Realities, anyone? Yeh, gonna be us.
31. Run a 10K
32. Compile a Croft Family book for each year: 2009, 2010, and 2011
33. Create at least 10 ideas off of my Pinterest Creative Ideas board

So there’s 33 goals for this year, and I have 3 more written down elsewhere that are personal and business financial goals. I’m super excited about my 2012 goals but the important thing is to keep up with them. I’m going to print out this blog post and hang it on my bulletin board so that I can see and be reminded of these goals every day. Last year I checked in quarterly, and I’m not sure I’m going to do the same this year, but we’ll see. I’d love to see what everyone else’s goals include, though! Sometimes reading other’s goals can inspire you to do things you might not have thought of. If you’ve got a list of goals online, leave a comment with a link!

“The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.”

4 Comments Sweet As Tea

  1. Krista Jones says:

    Your goals for this year are so inspiring! You definitely are a go-getter! I need to get on my 2012 goals!

  2. Dana Cubbage says:

    Awesome list. We definitely have some similar goals for 2012 so it will be nice to have a cheerleader to help stay focused! :)

  3. Bobbi Hartung says:

    This is pretty inspiring and makes me want to complete a goals list/update my bucket list!

    Adore you!

  4. Lexi says:

    These are awesome!! I think I got to 15 goals last night but I still need to finish mine one of which is for 2013 WPPI too…and I hope you keep up with the 52 week project cause I didn’t ;)

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