Brittany’s Bridal Portraits

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This Saturday Brittany and Josh were married in Augusta and I am so excited I can finally share these bridal portraits! I love this extra time I get to spend with my brides…the hardest part is just holding onto these photos and keeping them secret for weeks, and sometimes months! We shot Brittany’s bridals a few weeks back on a chilly day in downtown Augusta at the most beautiful historic home that her planner Meghan found for us. I love all of the variety to her portraits and loved even more seeing one of them on display at her reception. Knowing that framed print will hang in her parents home and be passed on for generations is pretty awesome :) Enjoy a few of my favorites, and later this week I’ll be sharing all of the amazingness from Brittany and Josh’s downtown Augusta wedding!


Friday Five: March

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Spring is here! I’m going to keep my little Friday Five intro short this month because really…it’s always the same thing every time. “How did another month go by so fast?” It’s true but we don’t need to hear it every month. Even though you just did. Oops haha sorry. Five things I’m loving/that are on my mind this month and some of my favorite Instagrams

1. Weddings!: Weddings officially start back starting…tomorrow! March was a wonderful month of engagement and bridal sessions and I’m excited to see what my wonderful spring weddings hold. There are so many amazing couples I am looking forward to seeing again so soon!

2. Drywall: We have walls in our house! Like walls you can’t walk through haha! This has definitely been the biggest transformation so far and the most exciting because our #projectcroftfarmhouse finally resembles a real house again. Of course we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but we still have 3100 sq. ft. of flooring to lay so there is definitely a long road ahead.

3. Spring Break: Even though as a grown up I don’t get “spring break” anymore, I still look forward to that time Landon is off school and is able to spend here with us. The work must go on here in the office but it’s certainly worth the later nights before/after and a bit more planning to spend as much time as possible with him during the day. I have lots of fun ideas in mind for our week and also hope I can get that little ham in front of the camera too. He grows way too fast!

4. Getting rid of stuff: With the move into the new house on the horizon, I’m taking the opportunity to get rid of whatever I can so that we move in to the house with as least amount of junk as possible. We’ll essentially be tripling our square footage of living space but regardless I still have some of my favorite mantras in mind…”less is more” and “quality over quantity.” I’ve been donating lots of stuff to our local Animal Advocates and putting whatever I can on Ebay…old clothes, sunglasses, old wallets, bags, etc. I’ve also considered an Instagram yard sale. Has anyone had any luck with this? I don’t want to go through the effort only to not sell anything but I’m open to suggestions!

5. Finding great boots at the end of winter: Does this happen to anyone else? All winter long you’re on the prowl for the perfect boots. Whether they’re knee high boots, riding boots, snow boots, booties…whatever. Winter’s coming to a close and boom…you find them. Just as it’s becoming flip flop weather. This is the second year this has happened to me and it’s kind of annoying but you can bet your bottom I’ll still find whatever excuse I can to wear them. And end of the season finds also mean they’re on sale…it’s always worth the wait to save a little!

Folly Beach, SC – Flea market finds – Spring on the farm – From the back door – Late night working in the house – Drywall progress


Anna & Kyle

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If there was one word I would use to describe Anna and Kyle, it’d be joyful. Spending an afternoon exploring Magnolia Plantation & Gardens with them was so easy, and Kyle had me laughing nearly the whole time. They are fun, easy going, and incredibly in love and it really showed. The way they interact with one another is sweet and lighthearted and of course they are such a good looking couple! Anna and I actually have so many mutual friends back home in Maryland that it’s a little crazy we’d never met or talked before she started planning their Charleston wedding, but I am just so excited to be photographing their wedding at Magnolia next year and can’t wait for another opportunity to have them in front of my camera again :)

Britt Croft is an Charleston Wedding Photographer and is available for weddings throughout South Carolina and Georgia, including Charleston, Savannah, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, as well as Destination Weddings worldwide.


Kristen & Ryan

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Oh gosh wait until you see the beautiful couple I’m about to share with you! I met Kristen and Ryan for their North Augusta engagement session on Sunday and to start I was speechless…look at this amazing view of the Savannah River and the surrounding scenery we had to work with! And then, icing on the cake…Kristen and Ryan are not only incredibly good looking but so daggone fun and natural. I am so excited to be working with them this year and cannot wait to see their beautiful Aiken, South Carolina wedding come to life.

Britt Croft is an Augusta Wedding Photographer and is available for weddings throughout South Carolina and Georgia, including Charleston, Savannah, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, as well as Destination Weddings worldwide.


Michelle & Will

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Spring is officially here and I am literally over the moon about it. The slow season has been wonderful and has given me the opportunity to catch up on so much administrative stuff, but meeting up with Michelle and Will on Monday morning for their Charleston engagement session marked the start of my real spring season and I could not be more excited to be out shooting, working with great people, and creating again. These two were so much fun and so easy to be around.

We started at Folly Beach, a place special to the both of them since they’ve vacationed here with Will’s family for years. Then we headed downtown to shoot at the Battery, and strolled down some of my favorite downtown streets. The weather was perfection…just the most perfect southern spring day, and I’m just always so grateful for the time I get to spend getting to know my couples before the wedding day. I’m so excited to share just a few of my favorites!

Britt Croft is a Charleston Wedding Photographer and is available for weddings throughout South Carolina and Georgia, including Augusta, Savannah, Columbia, Greenville, Myrtle Beach, as well as Destination Weddings worldwide.